Cape Unplugged is quite simply the world's finest free monthly magazine about what to see and do in the Cape. In fact, as far as we know, it is the only one and it has been running for over four years and 50 editions
The high quality, full-colour publication, is exclusively distributed inside the international and domestic arrivals halls at Cape Town International Airport. It is the first source of information for visitors to the Cape as they are handed a copy before they even pick up their baggage.

Cape Unplugged is an activities and entertainment-based magazine aimed at the 800 000 international tourists and 4.2 million domestic tourists who visit Cape Town each year. The tourist market is firmly entrenched in LSM 8-10 equivalence and Cape Unplugged represents a unique channel for informing visitors of your product or service.





The only
magazine available
at Cape Town International Airport

B Squared Publishers CC, 75 Roeland Square, Roeland St, Cape Town 8001, CK No 2007/218770/03